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Alley Cat Films is an independent film company, located in Northern California, that produces entertaining and thought-provoking films for the Christian and general markets.  Our 1999 comedy release, Christian Dating: The Movie! (also known as Christian Dating: The Shocking Truth!) has been a hit wherever it has played, and has been available in many Christian Bookstores throughout North America (and can be purchased online using this website).   In addition, Al Anderson, the Writer/Director of Christian Dating: The Movie! is the author of the comic fantasy novel, The Shepherd's Adventure, or, A Practical Guide to Princess Rescuing, which is now available here and elsewhere. If you enjoyed the wacky comedy of Christian Dating: The Movie! you will really enjoy this book as well.

This website was not updated for sometime because of various issues, but now this website will continue to grow again, so please check back often.  In addition to selling our films (and book!) online, we have also include some interesting film facts and discussion (check out Al's reviews of all The Best Pictures).  Please check out each of the categories to the left! More updates to come...we promise!

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