The Shepherd's Adventure


  A wacky comic fantasy!  Join "robust shepherd lad" Lathan as he tries to rescue feisty Princess Purella from a diabolical idol manufacturer, who is bent on making her the featured sacrifice at the upcoming Society of Idolators and Necromancers (SIN) Convention!  Our hero is "helped" by (among others) a faithful dog, a handsome Prince, a secular humanist philosopher, and the mysterious coin of "Trollkiller" Sven Svensson, a famous hero who believed in an "invisible God."  More than a slapstick parade of clever dwarfs and bumbling heroes, The Shepherd's Adventure, or A Practical Guide to Princess Rescuing is also a scathing satire of the secular humanism and moral relativism found in Voltaire's Candide, the philosophy which has steadily pervaded and debased modern society.

Check Out These Endorsements!

"I was very deeply moved.   This is not just a collection of silly jokes and slapstick gags, like everybody says.   I wept openly throughout, pausing every so often to perform an interpretive dance inspired by the chapter I was reading."
Waldo Phiffer, President of Plumbers Society of America, Milpitas, California

"Regrettably, I died long before this book was released to the general public.  However, if I had been alive to read it, I'm certain I would have lavished it with praise, and recommended it to all my friends."
Charles Dickens, England

"This simple and practical guide to buying a roof covers all the basics, from Class C Shingles to Foam. The book provides an easy step-by-step approach to the whole process, and doesn't overwhelm the reader with too much detail. The chapter on Defensible Space is a real highlight!"
A Reviewer from Rio Linda, California, who apparently read the wrong book

Now, for your benefit and entertainment, we are including the Introduction and the first four chapters of the novel, accessibly merely by clicking below!


Chapter 1
An Introductory Chapter, Which Contains a Description of a Kingdom, a King, a Queen, a Princess, a Dog, and, as an Added Bonus, a Shepherd Lad

Chapter 2
Wherein the Queen Gives a Lecture, Meets a Peddler, and Gets Real Mad

Chapter 3
Contains an Accident and a Rescue, After Which Lathan Contracts a Debilitating, Yet Common Disease

Chapter 4
A Heavy Theological Chapter, Wherein the Major Religions of Hoodahooda are Objectively Discussed, and the Queen Makes a Decision
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