The 10 Best Bob Hope Films

With the passing of Bob Hope in July, 2003, there were many articles about his life and work.  According to the Associated Press (which I don't completely trust for accuracy--I know their list doesn't include his early short subjects), Bob appeared in 55 films.  From their list I have seen 40 (currently), which I think qualifies me as something of an expert.  I think Mr. Hope was so overexposed as a TV personality that it's forgotten that he was a hilarious comic actor.  He never made a great film, but he made many excellent ones.  Unfortunately, some of his films I haven't seen in many years, and a few I've seen just recently, which probably skews my opinions a little; nonetheless, here's my list of the 10 best, and I don't think you'll find it too idiosyncratic.

1.          Son of Paleface
2.          The Princess and the Pirate
3.          Road to Morocco
4.          Mounsieur Beaucaire
5.          My Favorite Brunette
6.          The Great Lover
7.          The Lemon Drop Kid
8.          Ghost Breakers
9.          Road to Utopia
10.      Road to Bali